VAN BUREN WHEELS, THE: Self-titled: 10” EP

Jan 13, 2016

The Van Buren Wheels from Phoenix AZ were a ‘60s rock-inspired garage band boasting a Vox Continental organ front and center. Lasting all of four years before drug abuse and the death of their vocalist Vince Bocchini did them in, the band started off doing covers before penning originals, which are what this record compiles. The liner notes are quick to point out that there were no other bands playing this style of garage rock at the time in Phoenix, though their sound eventually caught on posthumously. The Van Buren Wheels certainly do have the kind of appeal that is all too common these days with bands like King Khan And The Shrines leading the charge. If there’s any justice left in this world these six songs will finally give the band their due. As if the 10” record format wasn’t obscure enough, this platter also features a 45 adapter hole. You read that right: a 10” with a 45 hole. Recommended for those who can appreciate the trinity of budget rock, garage, and ‘60s rock’n’roll.

 –Juan Espinosa (Slovenly,