Mar 07, 2013

I first heard Spokane, Washington’s Vampire Lezbos not too long ago via the documentary Spokanarchy! I found them to be one of the better bands on the soundtrack and so the chance to check out the twenty-three songs on the self-titled release was welcomed. The album is composed of their 1988 LP and ten demo versions of songs from 1986 with a different singer, all clocking in at about fifty-six minutes. Eight of the ten demo songs are also on the ‘88 LP, making much of the bonus material redundant, although it is interesting to note the difference the vocalist makes on the songs. As far as the sound, though, it’s straight up hardcore punk, with perhaps more emphasis on the punk than hardcore. The songs are aggressive, generally fast, and occasionally a bit odd (“Stop Killing the Seals,” “Ogon Warrior”) in that the content seems out of place compared to the rest of the material. While it may be due to having heard the songs on the Spokanarchy! soundtrack, the tracks “It Hurts” and “Plasma” were standouts, but nothing on here is bad. If you miss ‘80s hardcore punk and think you’ve heard most everything, chances are you haven’t heard this gem. I’d suggest giving the Lezbos a spin. You might be pleasantly surprised.

 –kurt (Flat Field,