VALENTEENS, THE: Fun in the Sun: 7” EP

Sep 23, 2014

The Valenteens’ Fun in the Sun is their third and newest EP. Before I could get to the vinyl I had to pass through many, many pictures of band at the beach, but I can deal with that because I just saw The Valenteens play a great set at Dimo’s pizza for Fed Up Fest, with Boots and Arugula opening. For a thin three piece, The Valenteens cooked a thick deep-dish sound. Toppings like Kyle’s crunching bass and waves of Kris’ crushing drums are rounded out by guitarist/vocalist Vince’s melodic nasal delivery. Like hot peppers slithering through a mozza cheese swamp, The Valenteens’ pop hooks slice right through the slurry drum blasts best on tracks like “Mile Marker” and “Long Way to Go.” I only stopped listening to gobble my crusts. Midwesterners, this is a band to hear in a basement near you. See also 2013’s fine 7” release, “Emma Lee” b/w “Later,” which, if not Fun in the Sun, is what I’d eat on my Tombstone. 

 –Jim Joyce (High Fashion Industries)

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