VAGINASORE JR: This Here Peninsula…: CD

Mar 31, 2009

My first introduction to Vaginasore Jr (other than chortling at their name) was seeing them at this year’s Fest. What I remember, in particular, is seeing guitarist Dave being floated through the crowd, while playing guitar, as people poured Sparks down his gullet. They also played “Don’t Change” which is, in fact, the greatest song INXS ever wrote (as if there was any doubt). I didn’t remember much else about the band, as after about five days of swilling cheap beer in the prolonged Northern Florida summer, bands and specific details all kind of mesh together after a while. So, from the limited memory I had from seeing them at Fest, I was excited to give this a spin and re-acquaint myself with the band. What we have here is some real solid, sincere and gruff, fun punk rock akin to singer/guitarist Russ’s other band, the Tim Version and other Floridian cohorts such as Grabass Charlestons and Billy Reese Peters. A dozen songs that are quite remarkably like lyrical essays; they tunefully fit a dictionary’s worth of words into songs that are social commentaries on our scene, life, relationships with friends and family and more. What is particularly pleasing is the absence of the twang-y bro down that’s infested itself in this part of the punk world like a parasite, thanklessly feeding off of its host, leaving behind a trail of zombified Hot Water Music/Merle Haggard mash-ups. None of that stuff here, friends, just dudes ripping shit up and having fun doing it. Thankfully, they let us in on some of their fun with this album.

 –Jeff (A.D.D.)