VAGINASORE JR. : This Here Peninsula: CD

Apr 27, 2009

I can’t decide if I’m just over this kind of music or if it’s just that this record isn’t so hot. It really does pain me to say that. Nothing but sweethearts involved with this record all the way down the line. There has been one constant in my musical taste throughout my life. I thrive on hooks. I need melody. I can get in to things like power violence or grind in short bursts, but to make it in to the repeat play file there has to be hooks. Not that this record is a grind record. It’s solidly Florida “beard” punk, even though I hate that term. I just know you’ll know what I mean if I say it. Anyway… hooks. This record doesn’t have them. It sort of plods along in that Tampa Tiltwheel-loving style but with a little less flare than I’m accustomed to from the guys in this band. I will say that they retain the title of “greatest ‘band name parody’ band name ever.” Sorry, guys. Maybe it’s this dreary SF bay area weather that’s not allowing me to tap in to that TampaBay style this time out.

 –Steve Stephenson (ADD)