VAGINA SORE JR: Self-titled: 7-song 7” EP

Aug 15, 2006

Two parts Clairmel, and one part Russ of the Tim Version (who moves to bass and sings occasionally), it’s melodic, mid-paced, working class, duct-taped Converse, fashionless Florida punk to a tee, which fans of the two aforementioned bands will like with ease. Add in a deep admiration for the Replacements and Radon, and you’ve got a 7” that gets a lot of plays. It’s not so flashy as it is satisfying and reaffirming. Song topics include being the band on a bill that no one came to see, moments of clarity during drunken brawls in the middle of the street (while taking an uppercut to the chin after unlocking a sleeper hold), and mourning the loss of a dog that was taunted by, then bit, a kid: “they docked my pay for the shot to end his life… why did you have to kill my dog?” Recommended.

 –todd (Sooooo Intense / ADD)

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