VACCINES, THE: Self-titled: LP

The Vaccines played dirty, trashy bar punk in the late nineties and early aughts, fraught with tattoos and stale beer, and musical stylings ranging from mid-tempo-rockin’ near to the hedge of a classic hardcore sound (but not quite). Lyrics about being fucked up, fighting, and drinking. The A-side is live and sounds it—tinny and muted, but it rocks satisfactorily despite what sounds like a one-track (read: boom box) recording. The B-side has some studio stuff and some live. I’m done with covers of Gang Green’s “Alcohol,” however. The original will always be the best, and so far only Tesco has managed to pull off a decent remake. Nonetheless, I like this record. Even though there’s nothing new and exciting as far as the Vaccines’ sound, if you’re into this quadrant of the rock’n’roll sonic universe, I’d pick it up, if for no other reason than the marbled green vinyl. A huge poster is included, too.

 –Eric Carlson (Wolf Dog)