VACATION: The Do Shit Tape: Cassette

Nov 20, 2012

Dirty as fuck poppy party punk. It’s hard to judge this purely as what it is since the band has released a 7”, an LP, and two songs on compilations since this originally came out. All of these releases show an older band that’s learned a few more tricks. As far as this tape stands on its own merits, it has its value. It’s good! It is! (Digging the hole deeper and deeper…) Listen, for basically releasing their version of the and More part of Everything Falls Apart and More, this is quite excellent. Most bands with the same markings of youth can’t claim to have a release as killer as the songs included on The Do Shit Tape, but their new stuff blows this out of the water. Pick this up, it’s great and now there’s a whole discography to go to once you’re done. (EXTRA BONUS REVIEW: Vacation’s “No Mercy” is my favorite song on the Larry Livermore comp. The chorus is will not leave my head.)

 –Bryan Static (Dead Broke,

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