VACATION CLUB: Self-titled: 7”

Nov 18, 2011

Full disclosure: I have become friendly with these guys over the past year and a half. My band has played shows with them and I try to see them whenever they play my town. Brandon and I play the same bass (Gibson Ripper… well, mine’s the Epiphone version, but close enough). I have to say Vacation Club is my favorite Indiana band these days (not to slight all my friends’ bands) but, goddamn, do they know how to make a show fun! Indiana is quite the hotbed of low-fi rock’n’roll these days: Vacation Club, Happy Thoughts, Perennials, Apache Dropout, Moscow Moscow Moscow, The Half Rats (well, I think they’re at least half an Indiana band). Vacation Club plays jangly, power pop-ish rock’n’roll with snotty vocals. My only complaint with this record is that the drums could be more present. Huh… thought I’d never say that! Vacation Club is best experienced live. I dare anyone not to dance!

 –Sal Lucci (Glory Hole,