VACANT STATE: Fill the Void: LP

Nov 17, 2011

Heavy on the early ‘80s Boston hardcore influence. Definite Negative FX vibe, from the awesome vocals, to-the-point lyrics, and on to the crushing music. The first thing that grabbed my attention with this record is the bellowed vocal style. Somewhere between Choke and John Brannon. Loud and clear delivery. The music moves mainly at a mid-tempo lumber, so the words are delivered in the same manner. Even when the speed picks up, you can still get what’s going on. There’s not one bad song on here, but the ones that really stand out are “Don’t Care,” “Dying World” (I like the beginning with the feedback), “Nothing New,” and the songs that close out each side with their slowed-down pace that really creates a dark mood—”Vicious 2Bastards” and “In The End”—which starts to give way to feedback and a repetitive beat to send the point deep into your mind. This will definitely be in my “best records of the year” list. Not that that distinction will improve anyone’s life. Just putting that out there. Get this.  –M.Avrg (Deranged,