VACANT FEVER: Kill Kill Kill: 7” EP

May 09, 2012

Brief, fuzzy, and precise barely-post-minimal almost-art-rock that seems at times like it is trying to mentally insert a large, densely-studded silicon rubber centipede into my lower intestine so it can teach me to enjoy it when it pulls the centipede slowly out of my butt. The first couple songs were over three minutes long and i thought maybe they were too serious/pretentious/whatever for me, but the minute-something songs like “Yeah Yeah” and “Like It Or Not” are actually pretty cool, and briefly reminded me of “Psychocandy” era Jesus & Mary Chain doing Wanderers covers, although i overcame that hallucination with the power of my oversized mutant brain. Now, if you’ll excuse me, i have to see a man about a large, densely-studded centipede. Good day. BEST SONG: “Yeah Yeah” BEST SONG TITLE: “Yeah Yeah,” especially if you’re the Revillos. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Not surprisingly, the tits on the cover prevented me from noticing the bloody nose on the cover for quite some time.

 –norb (Vacant Fever)

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