I got a lot of hardcore stuff in my review pile this time around. There isn’t a lot of information to go along with this one, but this split kicks off with Vaaska, who play it gruff and heavy with vocals in both Spanish and English. Good stuff for sure, but it was Skizophrenia on the flip side that really grabbed me. I think the vocals are in English (their lyrics are on the insert), but they sound so snotty that it’s honestly hard to tell. Can you imagine if The Stitches played crusty hardcore? I can, and it sounds a lot like Skizophrenia. Both bands play a very non-North American style of hardcore which I can appreciate. The less metal in there the better, I always say. Great packaging with screenprinted jackets (silver ink on black paper) featuring skulls and spiders and all that punk stuff! 

 –ty (540)