VAASKA: Condenado: EP

Jul 29, 2013

More insanely fast hardcore from these guys. I have their Ruido Hasta La Muerta LP, and that is pretty good, but this is way better. The energy is cranked way the hell up and the urgency is undeniable. It’s all about force and volume here. The songs sound like they are being shoved out of the speakers. From the opening squeal of noise in “Hartos” to “Venganza,” it’s non-stop. There are breaks here and there in the songs, where it’s just the bass and drums for a couple seconds, or a big shift in the tempo like “Violencia Criminal,” with the count off at the beginning. Despite the overall catchy nature of the song, it’s about a heavy subject. Great record the whole way through.

 –M.Avrg (Heart First,