V FOR VENDETTA: Beneath This Mask Another Mask: CD

Mar 19, 2002

Cara and Michelle are visionaries. If The Need were emo, they would be V for Vendetta. A long time ago, people went to see orchestras perform much like we would go to a show to see our favorite band today. One of the differences, however, between going to a classical concert and a modern day show would be that people back then did not have the movies, so if you wanted to see a story, you could either obtain this through the characters in a theater play or opera, or through a classical masterpiece where every instrument (maybe even fifty pieces, or more) plays its own part. These girls manage to portray that with only two pieces. Both drums and guitar (or bass) have conversations with each other. The lyrics are there to decorate. This CD plays good in the background, but it’s best to listen up close. With song titles like, “But It Needs a Spoon Full of Sugar to Go Down,” and “The Jester in the Court of the King of the Goons,” you can’t help but want to figure this stuff out. The cover also looks like a kitty (V’s for the eyes, nose and mouth on a black background). Meow!

 –Harmonee (Mr. Lady)