Mar 08, 2010

Sounds like this was done by a bunch of fourteen-year-old kids living in the middle of nowhere circa 1982. However, U.X. Vileheads consists of ex-members of the Vicious, DS-13, and Regulations. Seems this crew has it wired when it comes to nailing the sound and feel of early hardcore. What’s the secret? Do you guys only listen to the old stuff and nothing else? A pact with Satan? Seriously, many out there try to capture the sound and fall short. These fuckers never fail to deliver, no matter what band they’re in. It’s pure hardcore that’s equally tuneful and thrashy. Imagine if the Offenders had relocated from Texas to DC in the early ‘80s. It would sound something like this. “Shut Down” reminds me of “I Hate Myself” in tone and delivery. In fact, lyrically, these guys are definitely not all smiles and looking to the brighter side of life. Instead, it’s all a world of self-destruction and embracing the inevitable ugly ending. Being their debut, you get four quick blasts of nihilism in the form of three chords, crashing percussion, and a slightly belligerent vocalist. Throw yourself into the gaping maw of hell and get this on the way down.

 –M.Avrg (Deranged)