U.X. VILEHEADS: Catch 22: EP

Nov 16, 2010

The title track has nothing to do with Joseph Heller’s 1961 novel of the same name. Nor is the song “Kill for Christ” a FU’s cover. However, this is the second EP from these guys, and though it’s a little less blatantly urgent than the first EP, they’ve added more tension by slightly slowing some of the songs down and getting a little more musical. The title track is a burner with its fast attack and vocal delivery that’s convincingly desperate. “Kill for Peace” is pretty good, slightly longer, and reminds me of the Regulations and ETA. I like how they build up “No Salvation” with the vocals shouting, “Do what they say, Obey your god, Do what they say...” over and over with the drums underneath before they bring in the rest of instruments in one quick wave. “Down Again” ends sort of like the record began: a mix of fast and slow with urgency throughout. Yes, this is hardcore, and everything is laid out without pretension, but if you listen a little closer than usual, there’s more power here than just a burst of “1-2-3-Go!” Tempos change and guitars go quiet while the drums momentarily take over. A tried and true formula, but played with conviction, for sure.

 –M.Avrg (Sorry State, sorrystaterecords.com)

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