UV RACE: “Gypsy King” b/w “Charlie Sheen”: 7”

Sep 19, 2013

UV Race continue to take the States by storm. Australians on a mission. For the benighted, this group is hard to categorize. Sort of LiLiput, sort of early Fall. “Gypsy King” has a Memphis horns feel to it. Slow and lazy....While it’s dangerous to make generalizations, here I go: Australians love American culture. We sell more Bondo-lined Yank tanks to Australia than just about any other country. When I was in New Zealand in 2011, Kiwis told me how awesome Charlie Sheen was and that he had to be making America proud. (Australia is right above New Zealand for the geographically challenged; the two countries share a friendly rivalry and close trade relations.) Marcus (UV Race vocalist) wrote a song about Charlie Sheen. There you go. Like all UV Race albums, he included liner notes to this 7”, describing his fascination with Sheen—the porn stars, fast cars, and millions of dollars. It’s a funny song. And thirty years from now—when America is totally impotent and exhausted, the logical conclusion to Reaganomics—I imagine it’ll be a source of pride that another industrialized country produced a generation that cared enough about American pop culture to write a song about it. Should you get this record? No doubt. I bought this from the band about a month before Razorcake sent it to me.

 –ryan (HoZac, hozacrecords.com)