UTTER FAILURE: Eroding Forces: LP

Jun 06, 2014

New band with the Fraser brothers of ‘90s punk outfit Krupted Peasant Farmerz (as heard on the classic Can of Pork comp). A mixture of ‘80s skate punk and ‘90s pop punk, this record is a grower. Has a “heard this before” feeling at first and while that may not be an unfair criticism, there’s a lot to like throughout the fourteen songs. Raw, raspy vocals, catchy melodies, and lyrics that balance political and personal commentary with just the right amount of humor. Really, just good punk songs that worm their way into your brain. Favorite song: album closer “Psychological Breakdown.” I’d be remiss to not mention that this thing is nice and raw, recorded basically live by the man whose name must appear on a thousand Bay Area punk records, Bart Thurber at House of Faith Studios. All in all, solid first album from this San Jose band. 

 –Chad Williams (Vinehell, [email protected], vinehell.com / Lost Cat, lostcatrecords.org / HaHaHa Cool, hahahacool.com / Say-10, say-10.com / 86’d, 86drec.com / Shit Starter, shitstarterrecords.com / Smart Ass, smartassrecords.com)