UTOPIA: Self-titled: CD

Mar 27, 2008

This the second release this issue that I get something great from Poland! First thought that comes to mind is of their country mates Post Regiment mixed with La Fraction. This band’s style is highly comparable to both. They’re a female-fronted band that plays straight-forward melodic punk that is no bullshit and all fun with enthusiastic energy: vocals that are sung with a pretty tone but comes with some grit you can sink your teeth into; driving guitars that propel the music forward and takes you for a rip roaring ride; and drumming that drives the back beat that makes your heart pound. A great listen from start to finish make this a great candidate for repeated listens. Now if I could read the Polish language, I could figure out what was being sung and what the song titles are. Regardless, I know now that I have found a new favorite band to add to the list.

 –don (Trujaca Fala)