UŠTKNI: Protijed / Oči Šelem: LP

Jun 06, 2014

It took me a minute to figure this one out but I do believe this is a 12” with two separate recording sessions (and possibly even releases) on each side by Uštkni from the CzechRepublic. The first side is entitled Protijedand recalls the “to the point” energy of Naked Raygun but with a sax player. Side B, Oči Šelem, is more rhythmically led with a strong Big Boys, Dead Kennedys undercurrent and more of that zany sax-o-ma-phone which, I might add, is front and center with the rest of the band and will surely test your tolerance for the sexiest of all horns. The songwriting is expertly crafted despite the arrangements appearing to be a tad bit too adventurous for most of us American punks who typically prefer to have something to sing or mosh along to. You’d only be able to sing along if you’re fluent in Czech and since things rarely get fast or frenzied, you’d do well to just stand in place and enjoy your drink while your head bobs back and forth to the herky-jerky beats. Solid stuff. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Papagájův Hlasatel, phr.cz)