UTAH JAZZ: Self-titled: EP

Not what I was expecting. Then again, I didn’t really know what to expect from the cover art. I was figuring it could be sappy pop punk with that country/folk thing going on, or some ripping hardcore punk kind of filth. Utah Jazz isn’t really any of those. Side A and the first song on the second side, “Media Schlitz,” have a psychedelic influence that goes beyond walls of distortion and flange pedals mixed in with a little bit of punk and garage. The psych side comes out more in the use of flutes, actual song composition, and delivery in the song “Florida.” Then the last couple songs, and most of the aforementioned “Media Schlitz,” are more along the lines of raging punk, with maybe some garage in there, at least what I wish garage would rise up to. This is one of those records that grows on you with each listen. First couple times I was like, “Wha?!?!?,” then around the third or fourth, it started to click. If anything, it will blow the dust off your musical taste receptors and possibly expose you to something new. I recommend checking out the song “Florida.” It’s the one I keep going back

 –M.Avrg (: EP)