USER ERROR: Hey Fuckers: Cassette

Mar 17, 2015

Seven song cassette, pro-dubbed in a neat silkscreened envelope. Features folks from Assfactor 4 (!), and there’s something very cool about older dudes stepping back into the fray and coming out, if not untouched, at least without a glaring misstep. This stuff’s good. User Error’s way more chill than Assfactor 4 was—it’s an interesting, uptempo kind of emo/punk hybrid that reminds me of sweaty, fetid basements, duct taped microphones, and newly discovered cigarette burns in your shirt when you don’t even smoke. I’m probably letting their pedigree color my opinion a bit, but I hear passing nods to older ‘90s bands like Tonka, Whatever, and Eagle Bravo here. The title track’s fantastic and the whole mess is consistently catchy—those guitar lines! So simple! So good!—without ever coming across as formulaic. This one’s been growing on me. Check it out. 

 –keith (Protagonist)

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