USELESS ID: Bad Story, Happy Ending: CD

Back in the mid-90’s, Jimmy Alvarado and I stumbled upon a huge brick of C4. That’s plastic explosives. Imagine our joy when we blew up all the NOFX cloning factories world wide. Many a high five was had. We whooped, we hollered like we thought we were really saving the world. In our joy, we overlooked a band we didn’t consider a sleeper threat. Lagwagon. Discuss amongst yourselves if you think that one Lagwagon is OK. Two Lagwagons is very, very far from fine. Useless ID, you suck so much Lagwagon load, I’m sure you’ll be huge. Boy band punk. Yuck-o. My ears feel dirty, like they’ve been listening to old people fuck.

 –todd (Kung Fu)