USELESS CHILDREN: Post Ending, Pre-Completion: LP

Nov 20, 2012

Stepping right into the strange waters of noise rock is not an easy task. But when you have a group of fully capable musicians together such as Useless Children, you can trust them to be your guides in discovering an enjoyable listening experience. However, I do not suggest jumping into this head first. If you haven’t already partaken, I suggest dipping your toes into some Swans, Godflesh, and Ministry for good measure. Once you’re caught up, just lay back and relish in the hammer-of-the-gods drum bashing, the feedback-drenched guitars, and the insane asylum female/male vocals. Don’t be afraid of the hypnotizing noise laced in throughout: it’s there strictly for the most perfect damaging effect. For maximum results, turn this fucker up loud and repeat as necessary.

 –Juan Espinosa (Iron Lung)

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