Mar 08, 2010

The Used Kids themselves call what they do “kind of an extension of the Modern Machines.” As a listener, that’s a fair description; as toward the tail end of that band their releases started to mild out a bit. On Yeah No, Nato found his knack for taking the raw, visceral, and confessional songwriting of Modern Machines’ heyday album, Thwap!, and plugging it into a slightly slower tempo’d old school rock song format. It’s definitely a lo-fi endeavor compared to some of Used Kids members’ former band releases—Modern Machines and The Ergs!—but what this album lacks in production, it more than makes up for in great tunes. My favorite song, “Midwest Midsummer,” is a great example of what the Used Kids do so well throughout this record. Musically, it’s a dynamic song buoyed with blues riffs and a hard-hitting rock beat. Lyrically, it’s got some great imagery such as: “icy November” and “riding bikes under thundering rain.” This is one well-done, good old-fashion rock’n’roll record reminiscent of The Jam.

 –N.L. Dewart (Salinas)