US & THEM #2: $6, 11” x 17”, Silk-screened cover, photocopied, 18 pgs.

Read that description again. 11” x 17”, silk-screened badass broadside goodness. This zine is massive, the photos are gigantic, the layout crisp, and the interviews top notch. (In the U.X. Vileheads interview, I learned that Sweden had a forced sterilization program based on the principles of eugenics until the mid-‘70s. Fuckin’ nuts.) Matt Average has pushed both the art and craft of zines to an elevated level. (This is the best case scenario of what can happen when you’ve been doing what you love for decades.) Do yourself a favor if you think you’ve seen all that zines have to offer, that the format’s been blasted. Order a copy of Us & Them. It’s worth well more than six bucks. Features on Culo, Big Crux, Nomos, and artist Mat Plezier. Highest recommendation possible.