U.S. BOMBS: Put Strength In The Final Blow: CD

Sep 18, 2001

Even though this particular barrage of U.S. Bombs audial hostility is a couple of years old, it assuredly still warrants the undivided attention of anyone seeking the ultimate in punkrock unruliness. The vocals are caustic, cutting, and aggressively confrontational... the mayhem-inspiring musicianship is frenzied, fever-pitched, and wildly flailing all over the fuckin’ place... the socio-political lyrics are sarcastic, articulate, and grab-ya-by-the-throat thought-provoking. Yeh, pure blood-curdling punkrock chaos! I’ve deliriously listened to these ballsy blistering tunes for several hours now while feverishly slamdancin’ with my towerin’-and-boomin’ stereo speakers... sure I’m a bloody, sweaty, mangled mess, but I’m more than ready for another unrelenting round of the U.S. Bombs and their ferocious sonic sedition. When I drunkenly stumble off this miserable mortal coil, I want the insurgent sounds of Put Strength In The Final Blow to be loudly played at my funeral... it’ll surely raise me from the dead!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Alive)