U.S. BOMBS: Put Strength in the Final Blow: CD

Dec 01, 2009

More mid-tempo, vaguely Sex Pistols-without-the-wall-of-guitar-sound punk from the U.S. Bombs. To this day, I sorta expect USB to be more manic and am always temporarily thrown off by their slightly laid-back approach. It’s just that the mystique of Duane Peters looms so large and dementedly over the band. He’s like the skatepunk’s version of GG Allin, a man who – as legend has it – has never hesitated to serve up his keloid-scarred body to further injury and manglement. So, because of Mr. Peters’ infamous exploits in the many styles of self-abuse, I continually find U.S. Bombs to be not as reckless as I think they would be with a maniac like that at the wheel. U.S. Bombs is like the cafeteria meatloaf of punk rock; sometimes tasty, sometimes full of stuff you don’t ever want to know about, nothing I’d ever want to make a strict diet of.

 –aphid (Disaster)