U.S. BOMBS: Lost in America/Live 2001: CD

Feb 05, 2009

Wooo-hooo, it’s the U.S. Bombs in all of their loud, obnoxious glory – live, uncontrollable, and in your motherfuckin’ face! This is a chaotic collection of some of the most pissed-off sounds that’s ever been insolently tossed into a frenzied, slam-dancing crowd of unruly spiky-haired punk hooligans. Recorded during various balls-out performances on their “Back at the Laundromat” tour in 2001, this hard-hittin’ disc vividly captures the U.S. Bombs at their most fierce, tumultuous, explosive, and clamorous. Such high-velocity and volatile sonic eruptions as “Tora! Tora! Tora!," “Die Alone," “Isolated Ones," “Rubber Room," “War Birth," “The World," “Goin’ Out," “Yanks," “Ballad of Sid," and a bulgin’ barrel full more feverishly scream their way outta this flesh-carvin’ display of all-out auditory attitude. Lost in America is proof positive that the boisterously bad-ass Bomb boys are the most true-hearted and wildly animated bunch of insurrectionist louts proudly keepin’ the spit-stained spirit of punkrock alive and snarling today.

 –guest (Disaster)