U.S. BOMBS: Back at the Laundromat: CD

Sep 22, 2009

I couldn't imagine this would be a good album. Duane Peters had just put out two really cool albums with the Hunns in less than a year, and I couldn't imagine him being prolific enough to be able to put anything into a new Bombs album. I was dead wrong. I forgot about the rest of the band. I forgot that the U.S. Bombs aren't a one man show. Kerry Martinez is one of the best guitarists in punk rock. He's like the old, crusty guy you see at the skate park who drops into the bowl and pulls off mind-blowing tricks with seemingly less effort than he puts into tying his shoes. But it's not about the tricks. Kerry is all style. He's not showing off. He's looking at the bowl and figuring out how to carve it. He's guitar equivalent to Duane's skating, I guess. Then, you back these two up with Chip on drums and Wade on bass, driving the song into a swirling pit, and "Back to the Laudromat" is every bit as good as "Garibaldi Guard" and the rest of the albums. The best compliment I can pay this album, though, is this: I saw these guys about a month ago. They played mostly their newer stuff. The whole crowd seemed to scream along with every song, and even though I went in hoping to hear a bunch of old songs, I wasn't disappointed. I left thinking, shit, I'd already seen them play the old songs years ago. I'm stoked I could see them play new ones.

 –sean (Hellcat)