URNS, THE: Deep Web: LP

Nov 13, 2013

The Weezer comparison is inevitable. But you loved Weezer, remember? Take away the ironic college geek chic and replace with actual disaffected youth and you’ve got a bangin’ LP that drags the early ‘90s indie rock into the 2000-teens. The Urns bring slack rock back to the kids, sloppily careening close to falling apart before regaining control with a Superchunk lead, an ambient keyboard swirl, or a dissonant third guitar and topped with a swelling sing-along chorus. The LP showcases all these strengths, arguing that The Urns are a great band for either a sweaty basement or a nice venue with a bumpin’ sound system. Check it.

 –Matt Seward (Fat Sandwich, fatsandwichrecords.com)