URINALS: Negative Capability: 2 x LP

Nov 21, 2013

Goddamnit! I feel like I should have so much more to say about this record. I’ve only ever heard about The Urinals, only heard covers (specifically the Angry Angles version of “Black Hole”) and was really looking forward to this release. Finally hearing it inspires me to start a new band that takes things back to The Urinals’ basics. Ugh, this makes me sound so ignorant of musical history! I’m sure there are more qualified people to review this record. I’ll describe it as thud-punk. I am of two minds about including the entire output of any lost band on a super-release such as this. I can see why In The Red wanted to put every Urinals recording out there, but do we really need another version (and live, at that) of the 13th Floor Elevators’ “You’re Gonna Miss Me?” The answer is no. But “Ack Ack Ack Ack” more than makes up for it.

 –Sal Lucci (In The Red)