Feb 08, 2007

It would be easier to choke down an actual soiled urinal mint than to make it all the way through this CD in one sitting. I required four separate occasions to get through the 27 unmercifully awful songs on this disc. Two of the three band members were smart enough to use photos that don’t reveal their identities on the back cover, which leads me to believe the identifiable idiot is the one responsible for this utter cow shit. The Urinal Mints take stabs at a few genres: metal, pop punk, power ballad, all of which are generic pabulum. The song titles say it all: “River of Piss,” “She’s Got a Dick,” “Dildo,” “Fuck Me Up the Ass,” “Cockpunch,” “Kill and Fuck,” “Mind If I Masturbate,” etc. Own Your Soul is one of the dumbest, un-fuckin’-funny extended jokes I’ve ever heard. Avoid at all costs.

 –benke (Plinko Productions)