URGENCIES, THE: Desolation Chic: CD

Jun 22, 2007

While listening to this in the background, somehow the Urgencies’ cover of the Plimsouls’ “A Million Miles Away” sunk into the recesses of my mind and disappeared. Later on, when paying attention to the album, I said to myself, “Man, these guys should cover that song ‘A Million Miles Away’ by the Plimsouls. It would go perfect with the type of stuff they’re playing,” without recalling I had heard it earlier. And then that was the next song and it sounded pretty much like the original. Weird and yet it proves my point: these guys are musically stuck somewhere around the year 1982, but not in that cool Minor Threat and Bad Brains way, more like the Plimsouls or Toto.

 –kurt (www.bubbleempirerecordings.com)