Jul 21, 2009

Fuck yeah! My only previous reservation with The Urchin, and it was a small one, is that they sounded too proficient. Even though they were hitting all the right notes and playing some of the tightest, aggressive pop punk in the land of the rising sun, it never sounded like they were breaking a sweat. Too pro. I wanted to hear the work, you know? These two songs, still very well recorded, sound dirtier, more raw and angry, and that's nothing but good news to these ears. Best song title: "Sixth Song We Recorded for a Split 7" with the Band Called Dillinger Four." Best Japanese-to-English translated line: "Drinking coffee taste like fuckin' sweat with breathing in chemical gas." One Leaf: in flashes in the songs, like when you walk by a fence really quickly and can see into someone's back yard, is early D4 –tremendous energy and every single note being hit spikes the song faster and deeper. I'm not saying One Leaf is as good as D4, but their potential to touch on really cool, complex, and tricky parts is my favorite aspect of their songs. Best line: "Let's drink to the full the alcohol numbed to the back of a throat!" Cool shit, both sides.

 –todd (Snuffy Smile)