Nov 10, 2008

The Urchin were easily one of the bands I most wanted to see at The Fest and I wasn’t let down except by own bad timing of turning to repeat something to my friend when Mogura, the bass player, chose to do a flip while playing. I’m a moron. The Urchin is simply incredible. Anti Justice: While I listen to this, especially the first song, I keep getting some song I can’t place but had the lyrics “lost highway,” stuck in my head, which isn’t a bad thing at all (except for driving me crazy trying to remember the song). I don’t know what it is about Japan that creates bands that have the same feel (not always the same sound) of Leatherface to me, but I wish it would spread. Once again, Yoichi of Snuffy Smile just consistently puts out some of the best music out there. I only wish it was longer.

 –megan (Snuffy Smile)