URBAN WASTE: Self-titled: CD

Aug 13, 2009

Here is the long lost 1982 New York classic on CD! As far as I know, this was originally released as a 7” on Mob Style Records in 1982 and re-released as a 12” on Big City Records in 1987. I know the whole record was also bootlegged on the Four New York 7”s comp. LP. Tracks of this recording were also on the Compilation Dedicated to Tim Yo Mama and Killed by Hardcore, Vol. 1. I’m not sure if other tracks appeared or are bootlegged elsewhere, but this is what I found in my collection. I think my brother has an original copy still. I do remember hearing it back then on the local college radio punk show. This exemplifies the start of the hardcore revolution. Punk became harsher and faster. The lyrics reflect living under the Reagan administration. This style of punk was fresh and powerful. Twenty years later, you can hear the same stylings now in young punk bands across the country. This is a recording that deserves to be brought back from its safe storage. I wish this was more of a discography. I’m not sure if they had more recordings, but I’m sure they had more than just this. If you have followed my writing for any length of time, you will know I have a big soft spot for early ‘80s punk. That was the period that I had the fondest memories from. Oh, to be young again.

 –don (Hungry Eye)