UPSILON ACRUX: Sun Square Dialect: LP

This isn’t your dad’s prog record; Upsilon Acrux sound like the future—a chaotic ocean of white noise and (dis)information. Rob Sato’s cover art is a kaleidoscope of organic elements mutated by a post-industrial society (think H.R. Giger), which emphasizes the prescience of Upsilon Acrux’s cyberpunk sound. Noah Guevara and Paul Lai’s guitars overlap, intertwine, and diverge in the blink of an eye while Patrick Shiroishi’s Fender Rhodes shimmers over the often dark, mathematic noodling. The song arrangements are intricate and head-spinning as Upsilon never falls into repetitive “grooves” or same-y phases that cripple other instrumental bands. Instead, they opt to create lush, frenetic tapestries that constantly unravel. Having seen these folks live a handful of times, I’m always struck by the flawless timing of the two drummers, Mark Kimbrell and Dylan Fujioka. Kimbrell and Fujioka gel the disparate elements together and somehow find the sonic space for rhythmic attacks. Much like the way Blade Runner and The Fifth Element stimulate your eyes with scenes overloaded with futuristic, dystopian details, your ears will be similarly titillated (and perplexed) by Sun Square Dialect. Highly recommended. 

 –Sean Arenas (New Atlantis,