UPSET: She’s Gone: LP

“Oh Queen Frosteen, oh what a dream with wavy locks of crystalline/When I see her face I beam. How beautiful is Queen Frosteen? She’s a frosty teen, she’s an ice queen. She’s super mean/ and all her friends are princesses and her boyfriend is the king,” sings Upset. Say what you will about Avril Lagvine, but, at least she was a teenager when she sang “Skater Boy.” What we have with Upset is a group of women in their mid-twenties and late-forties playing equally banal teeny-bopper, Top 40 pop songs and this is just kind of disturbing and creepy. She’s Gone is offensive to me on a social and artistic level, but if you’re a fan of stuff like Brittney Spears or the above-mentioned Avril Lagvine, you might get it. 

 –Craven Rock (Don Giovanni)