UPRISING, THE: Screaming from the Inside: 7”

May 05, 2015

So these are considered long slept on tracks from the band’s 1986 demo re-released on a seven-inch. It’s fast old school British hardcore that owes a lot to bands like Subhumans and T.S.O.L. It’s a good, honest hardcore record that I wish came with a lyric sheet, or if not, something to define it a little more, because right now all I hear is another hardcore band to remind of how rigid and unadventurous hardcore could be in that era, yet it’s done well. I feel bad judging so harshly what’s essentially a good record, a classic record to some, but it takes a lot of effort to find something memorable in it and leaves me feeling like a poser for not keeping my interest. It’s hard to tell whether it’s dated or if I just have all I need of this sort of old school hardcore.

 –Craven Rock (Not Like You, notlikeyourecords.com)