UPRISING! #9: $1 ppd., 8 ½ X 11, offset newsprint, 31 pgs.

Jan 22, 2011

This is a pretty cool punk rock zine from Michigan. It has interviews with River City High, PT'S Revenge, and Shift-D; a column about the Warped Tour that I enjoyed until I got to the end notes and the author said, "No one should go through the day without listening to at least one song by Morrissey or The Smiths"; an interesting Maui scene report; and tons of record reviews. Best of all, though, was the book review in the back, because they reviewed the book I wrote and said really nice things about it. Rob G, the guy who puts Uprising! together, is very positive and downright gung-ho about music, and his attitude is contagious. I like this zine. You can also check out extended Uprising! punk rock enthusiasm at http://www.toledopunks.com/. -Sean Carswell (Uprising!, PO Box 2251, Monroe, MI48161)