UPRISING! #10: $1 ppd., 8 ½ x 11, offset newsprint. 32 pgs.

Jan 25, 2011

The guy who puts out Uprising! has to be one the of the most gung-ho punkers I know of.  He puts out this zine pretty much by himself (as well as doing most of the writing for it), does his own website uprising..com, and has started up a new record label that released its first CD recently. On top of all that, I think he works a day job.  It’s an impressive amount of work in the name of punk, but you can tell he digs it.  Uprising! is a very positive zine.  Rob Uprising is a very enthusiastic dude.  This issue has interviews with the Eyeliners and the Fairlanes; a pretty cool article about a local Toledo punk club called Bottle Rocket; and a bunch of record and live reviews. –Sean (Uprising!, PO Box 2251, Monroe, MI48161)

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