UP TO US: Self-titled: 7"

Jul 21, 2011

In the hardcore punk world, Cleveland isn’t exactly the breeding ground for posi-core, though I’m sure Up To Us would say otherwise. My feelings about this record are as mixed as my feelings towards 7 Seconds’ The Crew album. Sure, the music is well played, fast, and pretty damned good. But, unfortunately, the lyrics let a lot of the air out of the fun balloon.Maybe someone can help me out here: at what point does positivity become annoying? I’d say that it stops being encouraging when it starts sounding like nagging. The proof?: “What the hell are you waiting for? Opportunity’s knocking at your door.” “All you’ve got is right now, get off your ass, you’re not powerless.” Dave Smalley and Civ might agree: lighten up a bit.

 –Juan Espinosa (7 Ply, 7plyrecords.com)