Apr 27, 2009

While I like that Unwelcome Guests get compared to two of my hometown’s bands (Hüsker Dü and The Replacements) and seem to make everyone miss the ‘80s, they aren’t really tied to that sound and are actually a different beast all together. A sort of amalgam of early or mid-Lookout! and the drama that I suppose we have “indie” to thank for. They are kinda rocking, as much as I think they’re wanting to at least, and I think worth keeping half an eye on. Sleeve-hearted lyrics, heavy doses of pop, mediumy vocals, and some decent hooks: they’ve put forth a solidly scratchy EP. Judging by their packed release history, they’re probably going to be doing a lot of that. Saint Sweetheart, if nothing else, deserves the name they’ve given themselves. Depending on your taste, their side of this split could be considered adorable or as listenable as nails on a chalkboard (maybe less, if you’re into that noise shit). These guys are obviously not ashamed to be overtly confessional in a post-confessional world, so I guess props for that.

 –Andrew Flanagan (Traffic Street)