Mar 29, 2011

Unwelcome Guests from Buffalo, New York have released a twelve-song disc mixing alt country, Florida campfire punk, and energetic power pop. The upbeat numbers like “Might Be Broken,” “Considering,” and “Any Other Place” border on anthemic punk, but—even more precisely—like their fellow upstate New York brethren The Figgs. The majority of the disc is slower and more reflective than those tracks with clear nods to Americana. In particular; frequent similarities to the Old 97’s with twangy guitar, walking basslines, and a lead vocalist that bears a striking sonic resemblance to Rhett Miller. However, even the ballads don’t overstay their welcome with the longest track on the album running only a 3:08. The songs are economical and well crafted. I would recommend this one if you don’t mind some heartland rock diluting your punk.

 –Jake Shut (Kiss Of Death)