UNWANTED, THE: Reanimated: CD

Before I tell you that ‘80s hardcore legends The Unwanted are back with their first release in twenty-five years, let me explain something: I once wrote that a band “rocked” in a review I did for my old fanzine Pages of Rage. Upon reading the hard copy later, however, I realized that “rocked” is the lamest adjective in the world and vowed never to use it again. That being said, I was tempted to dust off the dreaded adjective after listening to the new Unwanted EP. Only after careful consideration did I come to the conclusion that not only did the motherfucker “rock,” but it also kicked like a mule and bit like a crocodile. The songs are short, catchy blasts of pure adrenaline that will have you trading in your walker for a skateboard, or at least it will if you’re an old cunt like me. After several plays, I threw away my Viagra and a year’s supply of Geritol as well. I won’t be needing that shit anymore. Highly recommended. –Chris Walter

 –guest (myspace.com/the unwanted2006)