UNTITLED: 8 ½” x 5 ½”, 10 pgs., photocopied.

Untitled isn’t really titled Untitled––there’s actually no title on it. Or is that what being untitled is? Because when a poem is untitled that’s often the title: Untitled. I mean, it’s often written on the top (to make a point of it being untitled). In that case, I don’t think it’s really untitled but instead, titled Untitled. It’s printed on there for the effect, as if to say, “I didn’t title this poem, think about it”––otherwise, they would just leave it blank, untitled. When an album doesn’t show a title, it doesn’t mean that the album doesn’t have a title. It means the album is self-titled, named after the band. For some reason, bands and artists who make albums don’t have the privilege to make their albums untitled because everybody would assume they were self-titled. They can title them Untitled but they can’t just leave them blank and expect everyone to assume that it’s untitled and not self-titled. It just doesn’t work that way. You can’t refer to a self-titled album by calling it after its actual title. You have to say “the self-titled album.” It would be too confusing to say you were listening to, say, Metallica’s self-titled album by saying, “I’ve been listen listening to Metallica.” If you did that, it certainly wouldn’t be unheard of to have someone say, “Oh yeah, which album?” Nor could you say, “I’ve been listening to Peter Gabriel’s Peter Gabriel,”because that would be redundant and nobody wants that. Of course, Peter Gabriel is a bad example because he’s had several self-titled albums, so if you were to say that you’ve been listening to Peter Gabriel’s self-titled album, you might, again, be asked, “Oh yeah, which one?” But that’s neither here nor there. So what if you wrote a pretentious, pseudo-intellectual short story, put it in zine form, and released it without a title, leaving a blank cover and your name and a bio on the back? Would that be a self-titled zine or an untitled zine?