UNSEEN, THE: The Anger and the Truth: CD

Oct 29, 2001

Sometimes I think I’m just getting old, and this happens to be one of those times. See, this ain’t necessarily bad hardcore, per se, but it’s just doing jack shit for me. I feel no urge to get up outta my chair, let alone kick a cop’s teeth in, which is always the standard by which I measure things. More simply, if I wanna beat someone up seven seconds into the first song, it’s some pretty good stuff. If I actually get up and do it, it’s a keeper. As I said, this ain’t exactly bad, but comparing this to, say, early JFA or even the Stretchmarks is kinda like comparing Dokken to Motorhead, meaning there is no real comparison. The weak metal chugga chugga stuff didn’t help matters much, either. Now I gotta get up and break out my Spontaneous Disgust tuneage so I can shake off this age-onset jadedness and get back to feelin’ like myself again.

 –jimmy (BYO)