UNSEEN, THE: Internal Salvation: CD

Sep 25, 2007

I seem to remember their first two LPs being touted as really great, spot-on streetpunk. A few full-lengths and Warped Tours later, what’s coming across is about as threatening or memorable as a rice cake on the countertop. I mean, yeah, the production’s flawless, the musicianship’s terrific, in that slicked-up, über-produced Epitaph kind of way. And admittedly, I’ll bet they’re one of those live bands that can just smoke, just play super-fast, super-tight, and still manage to flail and bop around and be fun to watch. But apart from a very few interesting moments on this disc (Hellcat didn’t include lyrics, so I’m just going off ze sheer rockingness-factor), the whole thing goes in one ear, rattles around in the Batcave for a second, and pops out the other side. I’ve reached the point in my Razorcake reviewing, uh, career where I really don’t like to just blatantly bag on something, but I guess I’m not really capping on this one, either. Internal Salvation, like the previously mentioned rice cake and this review itself, is just kind of there, you know?

 –keith (Hellcat)