UNSEEN, THE: Complete Singles Collection 1994-2000: CD

Jul 16, 2009

Leaders of the new school of US bands like the Casualties, Global Threat, and the Virus that sport the spiked hair, leather, and studs ethics of UK punk bands from the past. Since their uprising in popularity and current release on BYO Records, this is a cool supplement to their fans. A compilation of tracks from 7”s, splits, comps, and outtakes, this gives the new fans an easy opportunity to listen to their earlier material without much effort. I don’t need to hype what is already is hyped. The kids have figured it out by themselves that this is a band they want to support. I saw firsthand when they came through town last year. The kids were very supportive and I lost count how many of their t-shirts, patches, and buttons I saw that night.

 –don (Punk Core)

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